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2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition Returns during Dragon Boat Festival Long Weekend in Early June

2022年06月02日 /

Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) finally returns to offline mode in 2022 after two years. From June 2nd to June 7th, TIBE will present ten pavilions and ten features to celebrate its 30th anniversary. In total, 364 local and international publishers from 31 countries will bring 43 authors and over 250 events to many eager readers.


TIBE moves to June for the first time in 2022, during the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend. To encourage visitors, Ministry of Culture will distribute 200,000 copies of NT$100 TIBE vouchers. Readers who have spent over NT$1,000 at the event a day can redeem two more NT$100 vouchers.


Upgraded Efforts for Pandemic Prevention

Under the pandemic, event organizers implement additional measures and requirements, such as hand sanitizers, free PPEs, regular disinfections, frequent ventilation, to ensure public safety. For more details on pandemic prevention, visit:  https://www.tibe.org.tw/en/news_detail/15/154


Ten Pavilions, Ten Features, Thirtieth Anniversary

2022 TIBE Guest of Honor France prepares its pavilion under the theme “Je lis, donc je suis” (I read, therefore I am). It will present a special exhibition and seminar of Marcel Proust, who passed away 100 years ago, manuscripts from renowned authors and comic artists, as well as 17 contemporary French writers.


Feature 1: France Returns as TIBE Guest of Honor for the Fourth Time

Under the theme “Je lis, donc je suis” (I read, therefore I am), the pavilion will exhibit 2,000 books from 80 publishers across all genres. It will also highlight major publish groups and specialized publishers, such as Edition 2024 on comics and illustrations, Éditions des Femmes on female writings and subjects, and La Plume de Paon on audiobooks.


The French pavilion also invites 17 contemporary writers to engage with readers on site or remotely in over 50 public events. These award-winning authors, illustrators, and comic artists have multiple books translated into Chinese, and their works have also been adapted into films, animations, and games. Besides texts, the French pavilion also prepared musical and theatrical performances for readers to experience literary traditions in multiple senses.


Feature 2: Proust Exhibition with Manuscripts and Audio Path

As the centennial memorial after Marcel Proust passes away, the exhibition will present images and manuscripts from public and private collections in France. The audio path includes 12 excerpts in his classic In Search of Lost Time in Mandarin and French. The parallel 2022 Taipei Literary Festival (May 27-June 9) will screen multiple films adapted from or inspired by Proust’s works.


Feature 3: Rare Manuscripts from French Canon and Contemporary Authors

Bureau Français de Taipei and National Central Library collaborate to present rare books and manuscripts from 19th Century French writers at TIBE, including George Sand, Victor-Marie Hugo, and Alexandre Dumas. Many of these literary works have been translated into Chinese for readers in Taiwan across generations. In the pavilion, 20 selected works by comic and illustration artist Emmanuel Lepage will be presented as well. His award-winning works since 1979 are widely appreciated by readers worldwide, including Taiwan.


Feature 4: TIBE Stands with Ukraine

To advocate peace, TIBE arranges a special pavilion to exhibit books and illustrations from Ukraine on history, films, Chornobyl, art, cooking, parenting, and relationship, some of which have been translated into Chinese or German. The illustrations are selected by Pictoric, an advocacy group since 2014 by Ukrainian illustrators, graphic designers, and artists, to promote unique styles and characteristics in their works.


Feature 5: 43 Attending International Writers Online/Offline

2022 TIBE welcomes 43 international writers from France, Germany, America, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Chile, Belgium and Poland. In total, 13 of them will attend on site, while others will engage with readers remotely. As Guest of Honor 2023, Poland will preview fiction, non-fiction, and illustrations for the coming year.


Feature 6: 30th Anniversary Exhibition “HELLO 30!”

After two years of offline hiatus, TIBE returns in 2022 to physical exhibition and celebrates the 30th edition. The pavilion selects keywords, objects, and presentations from the past to review its evolution. It also invites five cultural figures and creators in the 30s to discuss about milestones, memories, and influential books along the way.


Feature 7: Reading for World Peace

Since the Russian invasion, the international community has initiated sanctions and humanitarian efforts to support Ukraine and world peace. TIBE invites publishers and cultural figures to recommend books about war, peace, empathy, East Europe history and culture, respect, and tolerance. It is our hope that civilizations will bring us to a better future.


Feature 8: Literary Publishing History in Taiwan after WWII

National Museum of Taiwan Literature collaborates with magazines and publishers to review literary traditions in Taiwan after the World War II in newspapers, books, and magazines. Participating publishers exhibit rare books and out-of-print editions in their booths, and invites readers to leave their messages in memory bottles.


Feature 9: Book Vouchers and Incentives

To encourage readers, TIBE will distribute 200,000 copies of NT$100 vouchers during the event. For shoppers spending over NT$1,000 one day, they can redeem two additional vouchers and a limited tote bag. Other giveaways related to Dragon Boat Festival in limited quantity are available to every purchase as well.


Feature 10: Parallel Illustration Exhibition, Visual Fanzine, at Huashan 1914

TIBE invites visual artist Page Tsou to curate Visual Fanzine illustration exhibition at Huashan 1914. It includes 23 local illustrators who have won multiple international prizes and awards. With abstract and strong images, the poster is created by designer Yeh Chung-Yi to demonstrate how illustrations have evolved, prospered, and innovated in Taiwan over the past 30 years.



Taipei International Book Exhibition 2022

Date: June 2 -7

Venue: Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center

Exhibition Hours:

June 2 (Thursday)


June 3 (Friday)


June 4 (Saturday)


June 5 (Sunday)


June 6 (Monday)


June 7 (Tuesday)