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2021TIBE Professional Passes Application Available Online!

2021年01月12日 /
2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition is just around the corner. Professional Passes are now available to apply online by clicking here.
How to apply:
Professional Pass Application: 2021/1/12 (Tue.) to 2021/1/26 (Tue.) 17:00
Step 1:
Please fill in the information accordingly. Please fill in a different email for each individual to receive the QR code.

2021TIBE_Professional Pass

Step 2.
Please tick “I. 國外參觀人士 / Overseas Visitor” in order to receive a confirmation letter in English. Then, click the green button to send your application.

2021TIBE_Professional Pass

Step 3.
We have received you application!
2021TIBE_Professional Pass

Step 4.
Please check if you have received the confirmation letter subjected “Thank you for your registration for the 2021 TIBE Professional Pass” with a QR code. If so, you're all set and we'll see you soon!

*COVID-19 Measures: During 2021TIBE, visitors and exhibitors should scan their ID or register for "My Code" service from the Taipei City Government. Please see https://www.tibe.org.tw/en/info/
*Please wear a face mask, sanitize your hands, and make sure your temperature does not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius. Please stay at home if you are unwell.

2021TIBE_Professional Pass