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Austria • Czech • Estonia

1 February 2019 /

Books From Europe A1002



The Austrian office, Taipei is pleased to have been invited back to TIBE 2019. This year it will present a selection of books from Austrian publishers focusing on Architecture. The wide variety of these books are living proof of Austria’s vibrant “publishers scene”. Austria’s publishers are small to medium sized companies, who can only survive by being creative, innovative and covering niche-markets.



This year, our office will proudly present a book collection kindly provided by the Museum of Czech Literature entitled The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2017. These books were rewarded for their outstanding qualities of graphics, illustration and polygraphy in seven categories – scholarly literature, belles-lettres, children and young adults literature, textbooks, books about visual arts, catalogues, bibliophile books and author´s books, books by art and polygraphy schools´students. All these genres and categories will be presented at TIBE. Moreover, our exhibition will focus on presenting the most remarkable pieces of Czech novel writing, which were translated into Chinese, to complement our discussion program.



The Estonian Publisher’s Association presents to the visitors of the Taipei Book Fair a carefully chosen selection of the best Estonian children’s books. Estonia has one of the world’s highest numbers of children’s books published annually per capita. In 2017, close to 800 children’s titles were published in the country, which has a population of merely 1.3 million. About 200 of them were written by Estonian authors. Our children’s books are exceptionally rich in fantasy and enrapture readers with their intricate characters. Humour, deep bond with nature, and strong female characters make the literatureglobally outstanding. The books are, likewise, aesthetically pleasing, and are illustrated by highly acclaimed professional artists.