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Small is Big! TAICCA Joins 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair Online

15 October 2020 /

Even with the pandemic, TAICCA has not missed out on any opportunity to promote Taiwan’s content with our unique cultural elements. From October 14th to October 18th, TAICCA will join the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest global event in the publishing industry, in its online edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has organized a series of online activities, events, and performances for professional publishers and the public worldwide.

TAICCA curated this year’s theme “Small is Big!” to celebrate the island’s diversity with the Buchmesse. Partnering with THE ARTS+, TAICCA presents an online forum, “Little Stories, Big Economics” to discuss transmedia storytelling and further explore the theme with BOOKFEST Digital to demonstrate cross-media IP adaptation. TAICCA will also host TAIWAN Night Online to introduce Taiwan’s stunning cultural content through visually and sonically-stunning performances. An online catalog is also available to promote published works and matchmaking with international publishers.

ARTS+ speaker: Beatrice Satuffer

Commenting on this year’s theme, TAICCA’s President Ching-Fang HU said, “Any great literature starts with a small idea, the same way great changes can start with an individual. Taiwan may be small, but we’re mighty enough to carry the world forward. In this high-tech multimedia era, the ancient power of literary publication is still the core of civilization. TAICCA, in cooperation with Taipei Book Fair Foundation,  is honored to assist Taiwan’s publishing industry in expanding into international markets while establishing Taiwan’s cultural brand and influences on a global level.”

Taiwan’s publishing industry has long been a beacon of the Chinese-speaking world with quality, quantity, and diversity. After taking over the Taiwan Pavilion in Frankfurt Book Fair from the Ministry of Culture, TAICCA curated the online edition of Taiwan Pavilion for international buyers and professions to witness Taiwan’s impressive publications.

THE ARTS+ online forum titled, “Little Stories, Big Economics: The Way of Taiwanese Stories Growing into All Forms,” will be hosted by Linking Publishing editor-in-chief Feng-En TU, and invite Beatrice STAUFFER from THE ARTS+ and Grayhawk Agency’s founder Gray TAN to discuss strategies and best practices to for cross-media IP adaptation in Taiwan and Europe, as well as the industry trends in the post-pandemic era with TAICCA’s President HU.

On the BOOKFEST digital platform, TAICCA will showcase two cross-media IP adaptation to promote the lineup of the Taiwan Pavilion, including the print-to-performance adaptation, “The Testimony in Salted Rain (宿霧證言),” and the print-to-sound adaptation, “Theatre of Voice: Four Stories From Taiwan (聲音劇場:四幅臺灣故事的聲音映像).”

“Theatre of Voice: Four Stories From Taiwan”

“The Testimony in Salted Rain” is the adaptation of the biographical graphic novel “Son of Formosa” (來自清水的孩子), bringing to life Taiwan’s martial law era with monologues, theatrical performances, puppet, and imagery elements.

“The Testimony in Salted Rain”


“Theatre of Voice: Four Stories From Taiwan” revokes the island’s rich heritage in another manner, inviting creators to read to the audience in Chinese, Taiwanese, French, and German to create a new reading experience with the harmony of sound and visual elements.

To engage with international publishing IP professionals, TAICCA invites international guests to TAIWAN Night Online, including writer and music/film critic Hsin MA, expert copyright agent Gray TAN, and author Ta-Wei CHI to talk about Taiwan’s publishing IPs from the Books from Taiwan initiative. The show highlights publications with Taiwanese characteristics in genres such as wuxia, suspense, and nature. Along with music by guqin (traditional string instrument), piano, and indigenous instruments, the unique audiovisual presentation will surely captivate international publishers.

Besides the online Taiwan Pavilion, TAICCA also produced an online catalog consolidating Taiwanese IP via open submission and provide English translation services for publishers to streamline the process for international buyers in search of their desired IPs. TAICCA also produced six animation ads for selected publications to enhance the overall visual brand recognition and unlock the unlimited imagination of literary works.

Animation advertisement: Herstory of Sex

For Frankfurt Book Fair this year, over 300 titles will be included in Taiwan Pavilion online and international catalog. For more information, visit the following links.

Online Taiwan Pavilion:http://taiwan-fbf2020.taicca.tw

Online International Catalog:http://publication.taicca.tw