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GPT 2021 Open Call Now!

2021年04月26日 / Hot News
Grant for the Publication of Taiwanese Works in Translation (GPT) is set up by The Ministry of Culture to encourage the publication of Taiwanese works in translation overseas, to raise the international visibility of Taiwanese cultural content, and to help Taiwan's publishing industry expand into non-Chinese international markets.

GPT 2021 is now inviting legally registered or incorporated foreign publishing house (legal entity) to take this opportunity:Submitting your project aiming at Taiwanese works in translation to be published in print in your country within two years, after 2021 April 1st.

The so-called Taiwanese works must meet the following requirements:(1) Use traditional characters, (2) written by a natural person holding an R.O.C. identity card, and (3) has been assigned an ISBN in Taiwan. All genres will be considered. Priority is given to projects with books that have won the Golden Tripod Award, the Golden Comic Award, or the Taiwan Literature Award. The maximum grant available for each project is NT$600,000.

Feel free to contact us by E-mail (books@moc.gov.tw) if you require further assistance.

GPT 2021 is now call for submissions online (2021 April 1st – April 30th). For more information please visit the official website (https://grants.moc.gov.tw/Web_ENG/). Check Books From Taiwan (https://booksfromtaiwan.tw/ ) for shortlists and abstracts of aforementioned award-winning books.

【Notice】Please visit our official entry (https://grants.moc.gov.tw/Web_ENG/) to log in and submit your application (Your application can and will only be made there).