TiBE 台北國際書展 2025.2.4-9

2023TIBE: The Multiverse of Reading

2023年01月16日 /
The 31st Taipei International Book Exhibition, hosted by the Ministry of Culture and organized by the Taipei Book Fair Foundation, will take place from January 31st to February 5th, 2023, at Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center. In the spirit of “The Multiverse of Reading", a series of wonderful events invite book lovers to meet again and explore the infinite power of reading!

2/3(Wed) Theme night: Listening to the Different

Let's celebrate Taiwan for its efforts in accommodating diverse communities! The curiosity, openness, and empathy as revealed by "listening" serve as the basis for appreciation of differences and the formation of multiculturalism.

This year, the theme night pays tribute to "Listening to the Different". Distinguished guests are invited for readings with music and dances, sharing their experiences of listening to multiple languages and perspectives. Guests include Shihfang Ma, Golden Bell Award winner and writer; Gustave Cheng, PTS host; Ming-chu Chen, well-known Hakka announcer; Suming Rupi, Golden Melody Award winner and Amis singer-songwriter; Nguyễn Kim Hồng, Golden Horse Award-winning Vietnamese documentary director; Sue Wang, Taiwan's first hearing-impaired model; and Polish poet Marianna Bogumiła-Kielar. Readers will be enchanted by the beautiful readings in different native languages from all over the world, including Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, indigenous languages, immigrant mother tongues, sign language and Polish.

Key visual of "Listening to the Different"

Children's Pavilion: HO HI YAN - Sea Majestic

In the Children's pavilion, the theme being " HO HI YAN - Sea Majestic", parents and children alike will explore the sea in three-dimensional structures, graphic images, and written works thanks to the guidance of 16 marine creatures, including humpback whales, sperm whales, white dolphins, nautilus, flying fish, and horseshoe crabs.

Pavilion of Book Prize Winners

The Pavilion of Book Prize Winners celebrates award-winning literary works from the 2023 TIBE and the past year. See and learn more about the recipients of the 2023 TIBE Book Prize and Golden Butterfly Awards (for publishing design), the Ministry of Culture’s 2022 Golden Tripod and Golden Comic Awards, and the 2022 Open Book Award as well as the recipients of 2022 Ministry of Culture Youth Creativity Grants.

Digital Pavilion

The digital theme pavilion, echoing the spirit of "the Multiverse of Reading," will be transformed into a train shelter connecting different reading universes. Readers explore digital reading through curated scenarios and experience areas.

Pavilion plan of Digital Pavilion

Literature Book Zone: Craftsmanship /Memory of Publishing

The "Literature Book Zone", which hipsters love the most, is a joint exhibition of multiple publishing houses that focus on liberal arts. Invited by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, books from Chiuko, Wenhsun, Inksudu, Hongfan, Elite Books will showcase how literary publishers work every day, revealing to readers the publication process of literary books and the sense of mission among the literature professionals.

Civic Book Zone: Reading Construction Site

The Civic Book Zone, with the theme of “Reading Construction Site", is curated by the Indie Publishers Association of Taiwan. Scaffolds, pipelines, labor lodging, and buggy trucks will decorate the site, featuring more than 40 exciting forums and workshops to discuss social issues aside from reading.

Key visual of “Reading Construction Site"

Creative Board Game Zone is now one of the eight exhibition areas

To showcase a wide range of publications, the 2023 Taipei International Book Exhibition presents eight exhibition zones: the General Book Zone, the Children's Book Zone, the Animation, Comic and Light Novel Zone, the International Book Zone, the Digital Publishing and Learning Zone, the Civic and Literary Book Zone, and, for the first time, the Creative Board Game Zone.

A Winter Reading Holiday for libraries in Taipei and Keelung 

The Taipei International Book Exhibition will join hands with the Taipei City Library, the New Taipei City Library, the Keelung City Library, and the National Taiwan Library to organize the "2023 Winter Holiday Reading Festival". In January and February, nearly 140 libraries around Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung areas will take turns hosting Polish book exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, storytelling activities, and workshops.