TiBE 台北國際書展 2025.2.4-9


魚籃文化有限公司成立於2013年8月28日,創立理念為秉持人文精神、社會關懷,以高深學術研究為基底,推動知識普及化為目標,放眼主流,融涉多元,開展邊際,創意未來。   經營項目包含出版事業與實體書店。實體書店是於南港展覽館捷運站旁所開設的「魚籃書坊」,以做為講座、課程、座談會和歡聚的場所。成立的初心是因為有感於南港東區缺乏跟在地連結的文化、藝文空間,因此抱持電影「夢幻成真」(Field of Dreams)裡所說的一句話:「If you build it, they will come.」來落實和打造此空間。   出版品的取向主要為宗教心靈/哲學心理/親子繪本/人文社會/學術研討/性別教育等面向為主,目前已推出以下6大主題館,亦將持續推出其他館別的書籍,以開展知識視野和豐富人生為訴求。 遊藝館:「人」與「土地」間的所有互動 養身館:身心靈保建類書籍 堂奧館:學術類書籍 寶貝館:兒童讀物 廟堂館:宗教類書籍 特普館:意為「特別」的「普羅大眾讀物」,又「特普」音同TOP。

Yulan Culture Co., Ltd. was established on August 28, 2013. Founding philosophy is to uphold the humanistic spirit and social care, based on advanced academic research, and to promote the popularization of knowledge as the goal. The business projects include two parts: bookstore and publishing businesses. The name of the bookstore is "Yulan Bookshop" opened next to the Nangang Exhibition Center MRT Station as a place for lectures, courses, symposiums and gatherings. The original intention of the establishment was because the founder felt that Nangang East District lacked a cultural and artistic space connected with the local area, so the founder adhered to the words in the movie "Field of Dreams": "If you build it, they will come.” to implement and create this space. The orientation of publications is mainly religion, body and mind, philosophy, psychology, gender education, etc. Currently, 6 major themed halls, such as Yóuyì guǎn (遊藝館), have been launched, and books from other halls will continue to be launched to develop knowledge horizons and to enrich life as a demand.