TiBE 台北國際書展 2023.1.31-2.5


《今周刊》─ 台灣最權威、發行量成長第一名、也是深具影響力的綜合型財經雜誌。 創刊26年,《今周刊》一路堅持專業本位,深度報導國內外財經動態、產業趨勢,同時關照台灣各項公共議題。並領先報導全球關注的「俄烏戰爭衝擊效應」、獨家調查淨零轉型之下的「小台廠的減碳追殺令」;及攸關台灣大眾防疫理賠權益的「一張保單毀掉半個產險業」、民生物價因通膨飆漲的「一片80元雞排背後 糧價新風暴」、探討全球打假ESG趨勢的「全球圍剿!假面ESG現形記」等重大議題,希冀對政策提出解方建言,獲得社會廣大迴響。 今年亦屢獲國內外新聞大獎 ─ SOPA亞洲卓越新聞獎、亞洲媒體獎、新世代金融傳播獎、全球華文永續報導獎、卓越新聞獎、行銷傳播傑出貢獻獎等肯定。2018、2019、2022五年內更獲得3次金鼎獎 ─ 最佳財經時事雜誌,評審盛讚:《今周刊》充分展現財經雜誌核心價值,及時掌握趨勢變化,精準發揮深入採訪、調查及報導的專業,堪為典範。 始終秉持「看見問題、提出解方」的信念及專業,滿足讀者對經濟趨勢的需求;肩負關懷社會、推動改革使命,引領台灣看見更美好的明天。

Business Today is a leading Financial Magazine in Taiwan with top growth in circulation, and the most influential comprehensive economic media. Established for over 26 years, Business Today has been holding its professional field for reporting global and domestic economic dynamics and industry trends, while caring about public affairs and politics in Taiwan at the same time. Gotten a head start on reporting the global incident Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War; exclusive investigation of the transformation to Net Zero Carbon Reduction Crisis of Small Factories in Taiwan, One Insurance Policy Destroys Half of the Property Insurance Industry that related to the rights and interests over the country of settlement of insurance claim, Global Siege! The Emergence of Fake ESG which took a deep look into the global trend of greenwashing. Issues were discussed with the aim of proposing a solution to the current policy, and sparking widespread discussion within the society. This year, Business Today has won several prizes, such as the SOPA 2022 Awards, Global Chinese Sustainable News Awards, and the Excellent Journalism Awards. Being granted the Best Magazine of Current Finance by Golden Tripod Awards in 2018, 2019, and 2022, Business Today has become a three-time winner within 5 years. “Business Today has shown the core value of a Financial Magazine as an exemplary.” commented the judges.