TiBE 台北國際書展 2022.6.2-6.7


中央研究院為中華民國學術研究最高機關,致力於推動人文及科學研究,現任院長為廖俊智院士,於2016年6月21日接任第11任院長。 本院秉持良好的學術傳統與研究基礎,開發新的科學知識、培育更多年輕優秀的人才以及研議良好的政策建議,並持續加強對當代社會、人文與世界的關懷,藉以豐富人類的文明,創造更美好的世界。

As the foremost research institution of the Republic of China, Academia Sinica undertakes research in the sciences and humanities, as well as guiding, facilitating collaboration of, and rewarding academic research. It also nurtures highly skilled research talent. The current President, Academician James C. Liao, is the 11th President of Academia Sinica. In accordance with the principle of placing equal emphasis on the sciences and humanities, as well as on basic and applied research, Academia Sinica is divided into three Divisions: The Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, the Division of Life Sciences, and the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. There are 24 research institutes and 7 research centers at Academia Sinica.