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自1946年以發行外文雜誌起家 代理發行1000種以上的美、歐、日、韓等外文雜誌,每年發行量超過百萬冊,是台灣最大、最專業的外文雜誌代理發行公司。 超過70年的發展歷程,台灣英文雜誌社也為台灣的出版行銷寫下許多「第一的紀錄」,建構全台第一個完整的雜誌、叢書經銷網,發展全台第一個郵售服務網,成立全台第一支圖書直銷服務團隊,創建全台第一個電話銷售服務,是台灣最大的文化行銷事業! 邁入21世紀,台灣英文雜誌社前進的腳步不停歇,不僅在核心事業上求新求變,同時也在轉投資事業上不斷開發新的領域。一方面進行企業改造,健全營運體質,持續深耕本業;另一方面在既有的基礎上開拓與創新,發揮通路價值,擴大經營層面,提供多元的整合性服務,以提升國人知識、藝術、文化水準,建構出新世紀更為活絡、更具競爭力的文化服務事業! 【經營理念】 讓台灣與世界接軌 建構完整服務網絡 擴展多元行銷通路 深植閱讀與時俱進 創新價值永續經營。

Formosan Magazine Press has been dedicated to publishing foreign magazines in Taiwan since 1946. We are the most reputable and biggest foreign magazine distributor in Taiwan, offering an extensive selection of magazines from all over the world, including America, Europe, Japan, Korea and so on. There are at least 1000 brands of magazines that customers can subscribe to through us. One of our main management philosophies is to help people in Taiwan cultivate a powerful worldview, we’ve always believed that reading is a great medium to facilitate a deeper knowledge of this universe for people. In addition to our aim of providing materials that help people develop world-view, making customers’ purchasing more convenient has always been another persistent endeavor of ours. Our professional and experienced staff can solve various problems from customers effectively.


地址:台北市萬華區長沙街二段66號6樓 6F., No.66, Sec. 2, Changsha St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)