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1 February 2019 /

France A1019


Eric Faye

Born 1963 in Limoges, Faye is a French writer as well as journalist. His short and long fictions are noted for their absurdist and imaginary style. In 2012 he was named resident writer at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan. His most recent publication is a travelogue with French explorer Alexandra David-Néel in Tibet and China.


Frédéric Pajak

Born 1955, Pajak is a Swiss-French writer, painter, curator, and editor of several literary satire magazines. He won widespread fame by clinching Prix Michel-Dentan of Switzerland in 1999 with L’Immense Solitude. He has been committed to creating whole new reading experience ever since with his parallel text-illustration narrative style. During the period 2012-2018, Pajak published seven titles in the Manifeste incertain series, with the third installment La mort de Benjamin winning the 2014 Prix Médicis essai. He was the first writer to be awarded this honor with a nonfiction graphic text.


Peggy Nille

Born 1972 in Sartrouville, Nille had worked as an artistic director for six years. Since 2005, she has published over 100 children’s books, including such bestsellers as Série Lily and Caché dans la jongle, which both feature great interactivity with the readers. Combining digital art with manual collage, Nellie’s art is colorful and layered, with elements and themes including travel, daily life, nature, to animals.



Publishers in Focus

CNRS Éditions

The publishing house mainly handles works by CNRS researchers or scholars in related fields, publishing approximately 150 books and journals--ranging from academic to popular titles--on an annual basis. Since 1986, the publisher has endeavored to popularizing the latest knowledge and views in addition to further deepen the promotion of scholarly research results in various disciplines.



The French publishing house Fayard was founded in 1857 by Arthème Fayard and has been controlled by Hachette since 1958. Fayard has a strong history both in French and foreign literature and in non-fiction. Fayard has published prominent writers such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ismail Kadare, Boris Vian among many others. Fayard is also representing worldwide the Boris Vian Estate, the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Estate and the Danilo Kiš Estate, including the film rights.


Éditions Albin Michel

Founded in 1900, Éditions Albin Michel boasts a catalogue of over 6,000 working titles and publishes 500 new ones each year. Combining authors of prestige and newly discovered talents in fiction (literary and commercial) as well as non-fiction (social sciences, humanities, psychology, spiritualties, lifestyle & well-being), Albin Michel’s catalogue includes many successful French and foreign authors who, for the most part, also enjoy an international recognition. Albin Michel is today one of the most important and independent publishing groups in France.


French Pulp Éditions

Established in 2016, French Pulp Éditions is committed to promotion of French popular literature worldwide. “Pulp” in their name refers to the serialized novels of old, which features hardcore detectives, femme fatales, lazy spies and family heroes. The publishing house’s mission is to discover new talented French writes and to publish literary classics that you can read on the go. They are sure to usher in a new era for this beloved genre.








2/13(Wed.) 13:00-14:00

The Wonderland of Peggy Nille

Peggy Nille, Annabelle Wang

Blue Salon

2/13(Wed.) 14:15-15:15

Parij, une uchronie pour une réflexion sur le rôle politique de la littérature

Eric Faye, Chang Hui Ching

Literary Salon

2/13(Wed.) 18:00-19:00

A Bag of Marbles : a Childhood Under German Occupation

Sylvain Fan

Blue Salon

2/14(Thu.) 11:45-12:45

Who is French Pulp ? The charm of Popular Literature

Nathalie Carpentier

Literary Salon

2/14(Thu.) 13:00-14:00

Regards croisés sur les échanges de littérature contemporaine entre la France et Taïwan

Julie Finidori, Emily Chung

Blue Salon

2/14(Thu.) 18:30-19:30

Eric Faye: Writing on the Borders of Reality and Fiction

Eric Faye, Yu-Li Lini

Theme Square

2/15(Fri.) 11:00-12:00

Translation in the era of Artificial Intelligence

Nicolas Bousquet, Meriam Meckel, Mu Zhuo Yun/Lai YingMan, Wu Feng-Wei

Theme Square

2/15(Fri.) 14:15-15:15

Literature in Translation

Lily Salter, Eugenia Chen

Literary Salon

2/15(Fri.) 15:30-16:30

Seeking, Learning and Dreaming Through the Contrasting Imaginings of Peggy Nille and Wang Chuen Tz

Peggy Nille, Wang Chuen Tz

Blue Salon

2/15(Fri.) 17:15-18:15

Walter Benjamin, a Lonely Flâneur and His Time : Uncertain Manifesto

Frédéric Pajak, Hao Yeh, Chin-Lun Hu

Theme Square

2/16(Sat.) 13:00-14:00

Walter Benjamin's Life Sparks a Stream of Poetic Wanders Woven in a Mesh of Pictures and Scripts

Frédéric Pajak

Blue Salon

2/17(Sun.) 11:45-12:45

Children's Art Workshop with Peggy Nille

Peggy Nille

Hall 3 Activity Area

2/17(Sun.) 11:45-12:45

Meeting with the General Public on the New Strategy of Reference Book Publishers

Martine Bertéa, Tay-Sheng Wang

Blue Salon