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Mr. 6 Mr. 6

Mr.6本名劉威麟,作家,亦被公認為最早開始推動台灣網路創業風潮的推手之一,美國史丹佛大學(Stanford University)電機、管理雙碩士,從小移民加拿大,而後旅居矽谷多年,2002年~2009年間著有12本書,其中《搶先佈局十年後》於十年前預中多項科技應用之實現,並於2006年6月6日起,於個人部落格 Mr.6 – 趨勢.創業.網路.生活 發表了超過4300篇網站分析、科技趨勢、職場觀點文章。2016年起,Mr.6開始在網路上發表短篇與長篇小說

Coming from a strong background in computer programming, Mr. 6, however, is better known as a business-oriented entrepreneur and a top blogger on internet-related topics in Taiwan. Mr. 6 is the author of the “Mr. 6” blog (http://mr6.cc) which makes him one of the most authoritative commentator on the Internet industry. During his young days in Canada and the United States, Mr. 6 has garnered more than 5 years of experiences in the internet and marketing fields. Mr. 6 received his dual Master degrees in Management Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Software Systems) from Stanford University in 2001. He received his bachelor of applied science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of BC, Canada. Upon graduation, Mr. 6 worked in Oracle Corp., the 2nd-largest software company in the world, until early 2004. His previous working experiences also include internship projects in IBM, MPEG video codec, AltaVista and Electronic Art’s video games.