TiBE 台北國際書展 2/12-2/17, 2019

威向有限公司 Uei-shiang

威向有限公司,創立於2002年3月,以出版各類小說、漫畫,發展各式漫畫週邊為主要業務項目。 公司已延攬許多台灣及大陸網路上成名作家,並推出第一個BL書系「架空之都」, 其下包含了「黑桃」、「方塊」、「曉夢」、「黑梅」及不定時出版的「架空珍藏」和同人誌小說、漫畫等分支。 第一個言情書系「心系列」亦於2005年7月開始出版。 如今的威向有限公司,業務已不僅止於出版小說一項,更將觸角擴展至漫畫創作及週邊設計。 為能順利進行此業務,於2005年開始,於廣州設立童心工作室,延攬許多優秀的漫畫家進行漫畫創作, 每月生產的連環漫畫均將成為發展漫畫區塊的重要資產。 關於威向的未來,仍然有許多的可能性,請大家能繼續給我們支持與指教,並期待這塊長期低迷不振的出版區塊,終有撥雲見日的一天。

Specialized in Boy’s Love story、Romantic Fiction and Youth Literature publications. Some of our popular novels have been adapted for TV/Movie/Web dramas. We have also sold our copyrights to CHINA, HONG KONG, JAPAN ,THAILAND, MALAYSIA, VIETNAM AND POLAND. This year, we have cooperated with Korea company to establish an online reading platform, named Myrics. - Read Easily – with any of your intelligent devices - Pay Back to the Authors – Economic gains to authors with works of high popularity here - Diversified Online Activities – Limited edition of products as presents, essay competition etc., Taking the trend of digital publication and in order to make good use of power of network communication, being rooted in its Readers and Creators, stepping into an international market and breaking all limits to spread creativities, publishing house Uei-Shiang Culture is working hand in hand with the network platform for literary and artistic creation, Meebook. For a more brilliant future of creations on novels, Myrics is willing to listen and communicate with young faces inside schools!


地址:新北市樹林區鎮前街183號1樓 1F,No.183,Zhenqian St,Shulin Dist. New Taipei City ,Taiwan