TiBE 台北國際書展 2/12-2/17, 2019


法爾禪修中心學會所宏揚的內觀智慧禪是世尊所教導,依據經典實修的法門。循序漸進,從初學的正知見和基本功法開始,一直到深入禪定的各種層次都涵蓋在內,且全部免費。 住持和尚上善下祥比丘,也是當世研究古梵文的重要善知識,從青少年期即開始修習禪坐,年青時留學美國,為營養學專家,後在印度菩提伽耶出家,以深厚的古梵文功底從源頭詳盡為學習者揭開佛學奧義,悲心廣大,三十多年來接引眾多初學者逐步深入佛法精髓。 本學會創會阿闍黎 – 上善下祥比丘為法爾禪修中心學會所訂修行宗旨為 ─ 法禪中體悟性空緣起諸法, 爾修心證知真如無為法爾。 阿闍黎辛勤不懈,身體力行帶領海內外法爾禪修中心學員溯返古梵源頭,詳解甚深經典原意,惟願大眾能親自體證悟知:自性本空,真如能應緣而起一切法,此法是緣自無相空體,當起有為之相時,即能生起一切諸法之法爾現象。 祈學大乘者,今生皆遂願,並期有緣人,共赴斯大道。

Dharmazen Center Association Dharmazen Center Established by Master Sumangala Bhikkhu , on 1994 in Sanchong County, then moved to the Center of Taipei City, convenient and well connected. Master Sumangala Bhikkhu practiced the meditation since the teenaged, personally experienced a different paths of enlightment, and acquired the core and insights of Buddhist Teaching and possessed the skill of detachment to attain the Self-Liberalization. To implement the Buddhist Teaching, and to facilitate the member- students learning, Master Sumangala has developed two pillars of his teaching in Dharmazen Center : One is the Vipassyana Wisdom Meditation, an original Buddha Teaching , emphasized both body and mind performing, from the right conception of Buddhism, the fundamental exercises, even to penetrate into the action and reaction of various step of the achievements. Second is the Siddham, an old Sanskrit, used during the period of Buddha (B.C. 500). Master Sumangala is an prominent & precious scholar in the World, if not the unique, capable to use the Siddham to grasp the deepest, hidden meaning of “Dharani”, and so acquire the insights of core Buddhist Teaching. Day by day, we see the Master Sumangala diligently focusing on the education of Buddhist Teaching according to the differentiation of individual endowment, through the Meditation and the Lectures ; And his dedicated and most valuable writing, in expecting to reserve the most essential and important part of Buddhist Teaching for the next generations, and to enrich and to benefit the people as much as possible.


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