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財團法人台北市慧炬出版社 Torch of Wisdom Publishing House

慧炬機構創辦人周宣德居士(西元1899~1989)為宣揚正信佛教,引導大眾對佛法建立正知正見,在美國佛教會沈家楨居士以及加拿大僑領詹勵吾居士等學佛善心人士的贊助下,自1961年起相繼成立慧炬雜誌社、慧炬出版社、慧炬佛學會、詹煜齋居士佛教文化獎學基金會和紀念余家菊先生文教獎學基金會等公益慈善團體;上述單位合稱「慧炬機構」。 慧炬機構自創辦以來,除持續發行《慧炬雜誌》、出版佛學書籍,並長期舉辦各種佛學課程、佛法修行活動、關懷社會公益講座,及藝文輔導與涵養身心兼備的「國小學童作文寫作班」等;每年並固定頒發「大學院校佛學論文徵文獎學金」,鼓勵知識青年研究佛學。歷年受獎的青年學子,畢業後投入社會,成為菁英分子,對於振興佛教、弘揚佛法、淨化社會風氣及提升倫理道德,均能發揮正面作用。 慧炬創辦至今已邁向第二個五十年,弘法利生的志業未曾間斷,期待社會各界大德能惠予支持與贊助,讓慧炬志業永續發展,繼往開來。

Torch of Wisdom The Corporate Body of Torch of Wisdom (TOW) is a non-profit organization founded by upasaka Chou, Xuan-de (1899-1989 A.D.). With the compassionate volition to spread the dharma and benefit all beings, Mr. Chou encouraged college students to study Buddhism and introduced dharma studies as a lifelong mission. Since 1958, Mr. Chou started distributing dharma books in Taiwan for colleges and universities, setting up scholarships to urge and sponsor students to study Buddhism. Thence the tendency of intellectual youth to study Buddhism became rife. Advocated by Mr. Chou, the Sunrise Buddhist Society at National Taiwan University was formed in 1960 leading to a succession of such groups as the Student Society of Buddhism Studies developed in Taiwan universities. This indeed was the prelude of entering a new phase of spreading Buddhism across nations and its impact was profound and lasting. In 1961, supported and subsidized by the sangha and lay people including Dr. C. T. Shen in USA and Mr. Li-wu Zhan in Canada, Mr. Chou established The Corporate Body of Torch of Wisdom (TOW). TOW consists of the TOW Magazine; TOW Publishing House; TOW Buddhist Association; Zhan, Yu-zhai Buddhist, Cultural, and Educational Foundation; and the Yu, Jia-ju Cultural and Educational Foundation. From the day of it’s founding, the Torch of Wisdom has been engaged in fulfilling its mission. Tasks include publishing TOW Magazine and Buddhist books, awarding the scholarship of Buddhist research papers for college students, organizing regular Buddhism courses, retreats and public talks on the improvement of body-mind-spirit, etc. In addition, to help underprivileged students to complete their study, TOW has set up scholarships for lower-income-family high school students and writing workshops for underprivileged elementary students. Over the years, these students learnt dharma and become main figures and leaders of the society after graduating. In this way, TOW and students contribute to reviving Buddhism, improving social morality, and ethical standards. Over 50 years since it’s founding, TOW has endeavored to spread the dharma for benefiting all beings. In the future, the Torch of Wisdom will carry on its mission as always. For the sustainable development of TOW, support from all sectors of the community is appreciated.


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