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傾向工作室因翻譯出版捷克劇作家、思想家哈維爾的著作,而於2003年在台北創立,以傾向出版社名稱面世,由貝嶺主持。後來亦以流亡文化研究、國際文學交流、作品翻譯及作家救助等工作呈現。 傾向工作室最早的起源可以追溯到1988年,由貝嶺、老木、張真等人在北京創辦的地下詩刊傾向。1993年,貝嶺在美國波士頓創辦了傾向文學人文雜誌,2003年,因翻譯和編輯出版哈維爾系列著作,在台灣創立「傾向出版社」,致力於策劃出版流亡文學類著作與翻譯,希望通過「流亡年代叢書」,得以系統介譯二十世紀迄今有過在極權主義統治下生存經驗、及對此一經驗有著深切關注的東西方重要作家和思想家的作品,出版已逾二十本書,呈現國際視野和國際文學陣容 ,在二十世紀流亡文學的傳統中,傾向工作室已成為不可或缺的紐帶。

Tendency Publishing LTD was evolved from Tendency Quarterly, a literary and culture magazine started by Chinese poets and writers in exile in Boston USA along with some poets, writers and intellectuals inside China in 1993, edited by Bei Ling and Meng Lang, which was closed in 2001. (The Tendency Quarterly was originally an underground magazine in Beijing China established by Bei Ling, Lao Mu, Xi Chuan, Chen Dongdong, etc. in 1988 and was suspended by the government.) In 2003 Bei Ling established Tendency Publishing LTD in Taiwan while translating and publishing the works by Václav Havel. Since then this small publishing house has aimed at planning and publishing literature of exile including translated world literature in this perspective. Through the series of “The Age of Exile”, Bei Ling hopes to introduce works about the experience under the totalitarianism written by important writers and thinkers from both East and West. Up to the present time, Tendency has published the following titles: In Translation Works by Václav Havel Vaclav Havel: The Authorized Biography (2003) Antikódy (Calligramme) (2003) The Power of the Powerless (Essay Series) (2004) A Farewell to Polities (Speech Series) (2004) Selected Playsof Václav Havel (2004) Anti-prophets and storysellers(Critical Essays) (2004) Letters to Olga (2004) Works by Wole Soyinka Poems from Prison: Selected Poems of Wole Soyinka(2003) The Interpreters (Novel) (2003) Works by other writers Under the Aura of Saturn: In Memory of Susan Sontag (2007) Letters: Summer 1926 (2007) Biography of Paul Celan (2008) Contemporary Poetry from Australia(2009) Selected Poems of Paul Celan (2011) Chinese Poetry Old Days: Selected Poems of Bei Ling (2006) Selected Poems of Xue Di: traveler on foot (2006) Tibetans in Exile: Selected Poems (2006) The Dark Blue poems: Selected Poems of Yang Lian (2008) Selected Poems of Liu Xia(2014) A City of Massacres Liao Yiwu(2022) Other Ai Weiwei(2011) Streaking In Stockholm Meng Huang Yiliang Wang(2022)