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五楠圖書用品股份有限公司 Wu-Nan Bookstore Co., Ltd.

五南文化廣場首家創立於1995年。目前北從基隆,南至屏東,共計六家直營門市;除了陳列展售五南、書泉、考用、博雅書屋、台灣書房等關係企業出版社之出版品外,於94年榮獲行政院研考會指定為「中華民國政府出版品總經銷」,並為台灣金融研訓院、證券基金會等單位指定特約門市。目前已成為學術論著、大專教材、職場用書、知識讀本、考照用書、大眾用書、生活用書、政府出版品的主力銷售據點。 經營理念

Wunan Book Co., Ltd., was established in 1968 as Wunan Publishing. Wunan takes its name from the Wunan district of T'ung-hsiao township, Miaoli County, Taiwan, the hometown of its founder, Jung-Chuan Yang . By 1975 the company had outgrown its previous office, upgraded its government registration to match its increased capital, and moved to No. 1 T'ung-shan St. in Taipei. The years of hard work since that time have paid off. Wunan has expanded its range and number of titles. By earning the respect and support of academics, business leaders, and the general public, Wunan has continued to grow.