TiBE 台北國際書展 2025.2.4-9

亞柏文化事業有限公司 Abord Co., Ltd.

亞柏文化事業有限公司專門為公共圖書館、大學院校、專業型圖書館服務,包含圖書採購到編目、加工,是一結構完整的服務。採購方面以多國語文圖書採購為主,可客製化單位需求的主題書單、東南亞電子書(資料庫)且能舉辦多元書展及英語教唱等活動,豐富讀者閱讀體驗。書籍、視聽、電子書、詮釋資料編目服務,可依照各單位需求與規範,處理編目不同格式,包含MARC、Metadata、XML等格式,可交付iso2709或excel清單等,讓具有專業背景的編目人員,提供給您優質的編目服務。One-Stop-Shop Library Book Service with Cataloging We specialize in a “One-Stop-Shop” Service to Public Libraries, University Libraries, School Libraries and Professional Library Services, providing world's various types of books procurement, cataloging, processing services. Should you have any related needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are one of the largest book distributors in Asia. We have procurement for various language books and magazines in Southeast Asian countries, like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, India, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, and many others. You name it! We find it! We can also provide Traditional, and Simplified Chinese books.

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