TiBE 台北國際書展 2025.2.4-9

Art and Culture Outreach Limited

艺鵠書店成立於2008年,是香港一間專售香港獨立出版的獨立書店,也是營運富德樓藝術單位的非牟利藝術機構。書店主要售賣藝術、文學、哲學、社會、文化等書籍。艺鵠同時亦有自家出版,因此與香港的獨立出版社及書店保持緊密連繫。自2018年開始,與不同單位合辦「獨立出版迷你書展」,推廣主流出版以外的閱讀選擇。 過去數年礙於疫情,參與台北國際書展亦困難重重。今年艺鵠聯同後話文字工作室,希望藉籌辦是次台北書展攤位,將一眾多元的香港獨立出版重新帶進台灣視野,期望繼續在華文世界促進交流。ACO Books, established in 2008, is an independent bookshop dedicated to offer independent publications in Hong Kong. It is also the non-profit organisation managing the units of Foo Tak Building arts community. Curated selection in the bookshop includes books on art, photography, movie, literature, community, culture, social and political sciences, and zines and artists' books. ACO also has its own publications, its multiple roles foster a close bonding with indie publishers and bookshops in Hong Kong. Since 2018, ACO co-organised the Mini-bookfair of Indie Publications with other parties to promote alternative readings in the city. After years of pandemic and absence in the TiBE, this year ACO co-organised the booth with PS Cultural Collaboration, aiming to bring back various indie publishers into the sight of Taiwan and foster exchanges in the world of Chinese writings and publications.

Address:14/F Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Web Address:https://www.aco.hk