TiBE 台北國際書展 2024.2.20-25


25 January 2024 /
German Pavilion (A925) is organized by the Goethe-Institut Taipei, in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair, has invited the German children's book author Charlotte Habersack and the magical hairdresser Danny Beuerbach who promotes reading in Germany and around the world under the motto BOOK A LOOK _ and read my book this year. And the writer Bijan Moini will attend the TIBE again after two years to present his newly translated book "Save our Freedom!" to the audience.

The German Pavilion will display many selected series of books and award-winning books. 2024 is also the 100th anniversary of Franz Kafka's death, his books and Chinese translated version will also be on display. The "translation panel" is shown especially for Taiwan, in which current German books that were recently published in Taiwan are presented, a sort of showcase and a great insight into the current translations.

The popular "Learn German" introductory courses will be held as before at the German Pavilion on the weekend. Friends who learn and teach German are very welcome to come and take a look at the latest learning textbooks.

© Adam Burakowski

Danny Beuerbach

The Literary Haircut! Danny Beuerbach rolls out his carpet, adjusts the stool and rattles his scissors. The stage is set: "And then, magic happens." While Danny Beuerbach trims the hair of his little customers, they read to him from their favourite book. When they do, they get a discount on the haircut. Sometimes the haircut can even be completely free. The trained hairdresser and all-rounder travels all over Germany with his campaign "Book a look and read my book", tirelessly promoting reading.

Now a corresponding book by Danny Beuerbach is available. It tells the story of siblings Lila and Erik, who travel through fantasy worlds accompanied by Danny, the magical hairdresser. During their travels, they encounter knights, dragons and unicorns, while
solving a few "hairy" problems.

His book, Der magische Frisör (Engl: The Magical Hairdresser) is targeted at beginning readers aged 6 and up and is part of the Ravensburger first readers collection "Leserabe".

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Charlotte Habersack
The author Charlotte Habersack had a happy childhood in Munich with a tree-house, two sisters and piles of books. Her favorites were adventure tales. At the early age of seven, she started to write her own stories on her mother's typewriter and stapled them together to small books. She likes to bring them along to her readings. Nowadays, she mainly writes screenplays and novels for children. In her free time, she loves to travel with her husband in their "Bullibus" (Bus or Camper) through other countries.

© Thomas Friedrich Schäfer

Bijan Moini
Bijan Moini, born near Karlsruhe in 1984, is a lawyer, political scientist and civil rights activist with German–Iranian roots. After earning his doctorate and completing his legal clerkship in Hong Kong and Berlin, he worked as a lawyer for a commercial law firm. When the idea for his novel came to him, he quit and devoted himself to writing. In 2019, Der Würfel (The Cube) was published by Atrium Verlag. A year later, Atrium published Rettet die Freiheit! Ein Weckruf im digitalen Zeitalter, which later appeared in English as Save Our Freedom: A Wake-Up Call in Digital Times. In 2021, Unser gutes Recht: Was hinter den Gesetzen steckt (Our Rights: What's behind the Law) was published by Hoffmann and Campe. Today, he works for the Society for Freedom Rights and appears on television and radio and in a wide range of print and online media as an expert on freedom rights. Moini lives in Berlin with his family.