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Joyful Journeys: Nurturing Happiness and Diversity in The Netherlands Childhood

26 January 2024 /

Childhood in The Netherlands

In the land of windmills and tulips, which we call the Netherlands, you can find some of the happiest children! A recent World Health Organization study found that Dutch teenagers are happy, and there are some important reasons why.

First, Dutch kids have schools where they learn in a fun way. It's like a big adventure in learning! They get to be creative, think about big ideas, and make lots of friends. They even speak different languages like Dutch, English, and sometimes one more!

But it's not just about books – Dutch kids also get to play a lot outside! Imagine having so much fun with your friends in the fresh air and sunshine. That's what Dutch kids do! And guess what? Their moms and dads have jobs where they can take time off to be with their kids, and they have lots of fun together. It helps to balance work and play, making sure families are happy and close. So, in the Netherlands, many kids grow up with big smiles and a world full of adventures! But why don't you come visit us, and see for yourself?

Child-friendly Spaces

Making spaces for kids is like a big adventure to create places where they can play, learn, and be super happy! It's not just about making things look pretty; it's about making sure everything is just right for little friends like you.

We want these places to be safe, so we use materials that won't hurt you, and grown-ups are always nearby to watch over. But we also want you to have space to explore on your own and have lots of fun. Imagine if everything was just your size, colorful, and full of exciting things to do! That's what we're trying to do when we design spaces for kids. We want you to feel cozy and excited, like you're in a giant playground for your imagination.

These spaces are like magic because they can change and adapt, like turning into a classroom or a play area whenever you need it. And guess what? We also bring a bit of nature inside because being close to nature landscape is like having a little piece of the outdoors with you. So, when you play and learn in these special spaces, it's like getting a big, warm hug from your surroundings, making sure you grow up happy and full of joy!

Diversity in Children's Books

Some kids might feel a bit different, like maybe they have a different family or look different from their friends, and stories made just for them are like magic mirrors. These stories make them feel happy and included.

For all kids, reading books with stories like these is like opening a window to new and exciting places. It helps them understand that the world is full of different people, and that is what makes it so interesting! These books teach kids to be kind and to understand that even if someone is a bit different, they can still make a very good friend.

In Dutch books for kids, there are lots of voices telling stories that might not always be heard. But in the Netherlands Pavilion, these voices are loud and proud! The stories are like little celebrations of how cool and diverse life can be. No child ever has to feel left out because there's a special story for everyone!