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“To Live is To Create” - Taiwan Presents Diverse Publications at the 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair

27 November 2021 /
The prominent book fair in the Ibero-America, Guadalajara International Book Fair (La Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara, better known as FIL), is returning with a hybrid in-person and online event from November 27th to December 5th.  
Promoting the Taiwanese publishing industry to the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Taipei Book Fair Foundation jointly present 292 titles from 78 publishers at the Taiwan Pavilion themed “To Live is To Create”. To further assist Taiwan’s publishing industry in going global, the Books From Taiwan initiative will also present 33 titles with Spanish introductions and animated showreels, hoping to increase international licensing opportunities. 

This year's Taiwan Pavilion incorporates illustration of Taipei’s cityscape by 2021 Bologna Ragazzi Award winner, Lian-En LIN. She uses “bridges” to signify conversations, communications, and connections between Taiwan and the world. The pavilion will showcase a slate of award-winning titles as well as works that have sold its rights internationally in the past five years. 
To deepen professional networking and exchanges, TAICCA also organizes two online rights and license showcases with cooperation with Taipei Book Fair Foundation, including one with the Mexico Publishers Association (Cámara Nacional de la Industria Editorial Mexicana) to discuss new books and trends. The other one invites the former editor-in-chief of Penguin Random House Mexico, Ulises BENITEZ, to introduce socially-conscious Taiwanese comics and children’s illustrated books. Some titles include The Memoir of a Piano (尋琴者), Fang Si-Chi’s First Love Paradise (tentative title) (房思琪的初戀樂園), Yan (閻鐵花), A trip to Asylum (瘋人院之旅), Watching the Sea (看海的地方), The Three Little Moles Series (三隻小鼴鼠系列), Monster Mum (怪獸媽媽), CHEETA 57 (57 號小豹), Fred and Ginger (阿福與阿金), and I Am the Black Swan (我是黑天鵝).

TAICCA also sets up a Books From Taiwan online exhibition specifically for the Spanish-speaking audience, introducing 33 works chosen via open-call for their international potential and local cultural elements. The animated showreels also bring the books to life in an engaging and creative way, showcasing works such as 2020 Openbook Best Children’s Book, A Place Like the Sea (一個像海的地方), United Daily News Literature Award winner The Piano Tuner (尋琴者), and 2021 Golden Comic Awards winner Crouching Lion in a Bookstore (獅子藏匿的書屋).
For more information on the 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair Books from Taiwan Online Exhibition, please visit https://taicca.tw/page/guadalajarainternationalbookfair
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