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Israeli Author: Yannets Levi

19 January 2018 /
Israeli writer of books and drama, a TV host and a lecturer. Levi is one of Israel's most popular and acclaimed writers for children and adults with 9 best sellers published in a row. His Uncle Leo’s Adventures series is one of Israel’s most popular children’s book series. Till now it sold more than 700,000 copies in Israel alone. The series is published in Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Korean, English (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan), Hungarian, Japanese and Macedonian. Uncle Leo’s Adventures books are part of the official curriculum of the Israeli ministry of education. The 1st book won the Public Library Award, 2010, the most prestigious prize for children’s literature in Israel. It also won an award for its illustration from the Museum of Israel. In 2016 Levi won the Dvora Omer Award for children's literature.