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阿縵有限公司為成立於2011年的版權代理公司。為貢獻長期留學日本所學,並加強台灣與日本間的文化交流,設立之初主要業務為日本及台灣書籍的翻譯授權,加強台灣及日本彼此的認識及理解。隨著業務的發展及擴大,近年觸角擴及至華人區域,業務也擴展至影視授權、著作權人的經紀等著作權管理業務。阿縵的要主成員為法律學系畢業,且有法律事務所的工作經驗,加上長期留學日本的日語優勢,能清楚掌握授權契約的內容及簽訂要點,在著作權的管理及履行上,有著專業及熱忱,提供更好的著作權管理服務。AMANN CO., LTD. provides licensing services of translated published works in Chinese-speaking markets and Japan. The business, initially focusing on the book licensing, has extended to other forms of published materials, including audio and video works. It also represents and manages the copyrights on behalf of authors. The founder AMANN studied law in Japan. The legal background and a good command of Japanese provides the agency with a distinctive advantage in the copyrights licensing business as it helps clients to clearly communicate and determine the scope of a contract, reducing potential misunderstanding and disputes. Manifesting its professionalism with a zeal.

地址:2F., No.212, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei 100, Taiwan