TiBE 台北國際書展 2024.2.20-25

國立臺灣文學館 National Museum of Taiwan Literature


Established on October 17th, 2003, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature is the country's first national museum dedicated to the literary arts. By organizing various activities, including exhibitions, translations, and research, NMTL strives to provide an ideal literary environment for contemporary writers and to further promote Taiwan's distinctive literary arts and values, both domestically and internationally. As part of its mission, NMTL strives to preserve Taiwan's literary heritage through archives and exhibitions of both indigenous Austronesian cultures and those from the modern history of Taiwan, such as the Dutch, Ming/Koxinga, Qing, and Japanese colonial periods. Additionally, numerous educational activities, such as book-reading events, are held to promote awareness of Taiwan's literary traditions to all ages.


地址:台南市中西區中正路1號 No.1, Zhongzheng Rd.,West Central District,Tainan City 700005, Taiwan (R.O.C.)