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元將文化股份有限公司 WiN Publishing Co., Ltd.

元將文化十多年來,針對0-8歲嬰幼兒的全腦開發,專注研發系統性的幼兒八大智慧啟蒙出版品與教具,深切了解並配合孩子階段性成長,結合智能開發與感覺統合,給予孩子多面向的刺激與學習。 從新生兒的視覺刺激卡、布書、布積木,到觸摸書、翻翻書、亮亮書、立體書、繪本故事等,且搭配完整的教案與影片教學,給家長為寶寶準備最棒的第一套教玩具;除了家庭端,系統產品更是早教、托育中心、幼兒園、安親班、教育相關單位等最佳的配套課程與教材教具。 元將文化的產品在豐富的教學經驗基礎下,以「雙語」為主軸,運用「點讀筆」即點即讀的特性,將孩子的學習發揮到淋漓盡致,無論情境故事、襯樂、角色對話、音效等,讓孩子學習的過程充滿趣味與多面向的刺激,達到自主學習及多層次的學習效果。 十七個年頭,一路走來從外版書引進,到自製品牌,從臺灣走向全世界。元將文化累積了龐大的原創版權資產,因而能跨出臺灣市場,向中國大陸及全球市場邁進;近年來,陸續參與「上海國際書展、北京國際書展、成都教育展、印尼商展」…等等,在國際市場上,展現臺灣的出版研發實力。

For over 10 years, WIN Publishing has focused on the whole brain development of 0-to-8-year-old infants and young children, concentrating on exploiting eight major wisdom enlightenment publications and teaching tools for children. Having understood and gone with the children’s growth stages, WIN Publishing combines intellectual development and sensory integration to provide children with a multi-purpose stimulation and learning setup. Our products range from visual stimulus cards, cloth books, and cloth blocks for the newborn to touch books, flipbooks, twinkling books, three-dimensional books, picture storybooks, etc. WIN Publishing has complete lesson plans and video tutorials to prepare the best first set of teaching toys for you and your babies. In addition to the family product line, our systematic product lines are the best supporting courses and teaching aids for early education, nursery schools, kindergartens, tutorial classes, and education-related organizations. Based on rich teaching experience, WIN Publishing has launched products that are equipped with “bilingual” features as the main/central appeal. It optimizes your children’s learning with the point-and-read feature of the “Talking Pen.” The learning process can be fun and comprehensive, with the sensations aroused by the ccontextual stories, background music, character dialogues, sound effects, etc. aiming to help children achieve self-learning and multi-level learning effects. Over the past 17 years, WIN Publishing has come from introducing foreign books to establishing its own self-made original brand, and has successfully moved from Taiwan into the world. WIN Publishing has accumulated many proprietary copyrighted assets to cultivate the market in mainland China and the rest of the world besides Taiwan. In recent years, WIN Publishing has participated in the Shanghai International Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair, Chengdu Education Exhibition, Indonesia Trade Show, etc., demonstrating to the international market that Taiwan has strengths in research and development for the publishing industry.


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