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AppMedia Inc.

Appmedia Inc.於2023年12月推出了「Prophe」平臺,旨在發展成為新電子書市場領導者的全球品牌。此應用程式書可以實現現有電子書無法實現的多媒體內容。可以在應用程式書上享受影片、VR、迷你遊戲、問答等多種內容。Prophe是一個專爲應用程式書打造的發行平臺。過去,應用程式書由用戶自己製作、註冊並在各商店發行;未來任何人都可以通過Prophe製作和發行應用程序書。Appmedia Inc.目前通過商業協議與全世界10個國家的35家公司和機構建立了合作伙伴關係,並以此爲基礎正在擴展到全球電子出版業務。現在,我們想通過Prophe進入全球電子書市場。Appmedia Inc. launched its platform ‘Prophe’ in December 2023 to grow into a global brand as a leader in the new e-book market. The app book can implement multimedia content that cannot be implemented in existing e-books. You can enjoy various content such as videos, VR, mini-games, and quizzes in the app book. Prophe is a distribution platform exclusively for app books. Previously, app books were produced by themselves, registered, and distributed in each store, but in the future, anyone can produce and distribute app books through Prophe. Appmedia Inc. currently has partnerships with 35 companies and institutions in 10 countries around the world through business agreements and is expanding into a global e-publishing business based on this. Now, we want to hit the global e-book market through Prophe.

Address:Room 5010, Business Incuvator Center, SahmYook Univ. 815, Hwarang-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01795

Web Address:https://www.appmedia.kr