TiBE 台北國際書展 Online 1/26→6/30


1 February 2019 /

Thailand A506

This year, Thailand Pavilion’s theme is “Thai Read.” There are three main areas in the Thai Pavilion, including: Special Exhibition “Thai Read: to know Thai by Reading Thai Literature,” main exhibition, and the Thai Rights Center. In “Thai Read: to know Thai by Reading Thai Literature,” the works of 9 prestigious Thai authors will be presented, among which includes works of the two-time S.E.A. Write Award winner Veeraporn Nitiprapha.


Veeraporn Nitiprapha

Veeraporn Nitiprapha (born August 4, 1962 in Bangkok) is a Thai author of novels and short stories. Her first novel Saiduean Ta Bod Nai Khaowongkot (Blind Earthworms in a Labyrinth) won the prestigious Southeast Asian Writers Award (S.E.A. Write Award) in 2015 and established her among the leading Southeast Asian writers of her generation. In 2018, she became the first woman writer to win the prestigious S.E.A. Write award twice after her second novel Buddhasakrat Asadong Kab Song Jam Khong Song Jam Khong Maew Khularb Dam (The Sunset Era and the Memory of a Black Rosie Cat).