TiBE 台北國際書展 2/12-2/17, 2019

清海無上師世界會出版有限公司 The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publishing Co., Ltd.

清海無上師不僅在靈性上提供世人最完美的修行法門及智慧,在生活及藝術方面亦呈現了極其多樣且豐富的才華。多年來,清海無上師奔走於世界每一個角落,無論是公開講經、聚會、打禪;或舉辦參與各種藝術、宗教、慈善等活動,在在期望喚醒世人對內在靈性的渴望,展開那原已存在於我們本性中真、善、美的追求。 此外,清海無上師更分享其內在甚深微妙的智慧,引導人們以開朗寬闊的胸襟看待世界,以更圓融、更具智慧及充滿愛心的方式,去經營一個詳和、高雅並喜悅的人生。 有鑑於此,清海無上師世界會出版有限公司集結明師的每一個腳步,出版一系列叢書、DVD、CD、MP3、錄影帶、錄音帶及其他藝術創作,希望與世人共享充滿智慧的靈性生活,探索生命及宇宙的奧秘;以期提昇世人的心靈層次,共創美好祥和的黃金時代。

Apart from offering us a perfect spiritual method to attain wisdom, Supreme Master Ching Hai Herself is greatly talented in various art forms and the art of living. For many years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been traveling around the world giving public lectures, holding and taking part in gatherings and retreats, as well as engaging in various artistic, religious, and humanitarian activities. She aspires to awaken our spiritual longing and unfold our innate quest for the qualities of truth, virtue and beauty. In addition, Supreme Master Ching Hai also shares Her profound and subtle wisdom with people, guiding them to take an optimistic and broadminded view of the world, as well as to live a peaceful, elegant and joyous life in more flexible, wise and loving ways. Supporting this ideal, The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publishing Co., Ltd. has compiled all available materials concerning the Master and published many series of books, audio tapes, CDs, video tapes and other works of art, in the hope of sharing with everyone the wisdom of a spiritual existence, exploring the mysteries of life and the universe as well as raising the spiritual level of all beings and creating a beautiful and harmonious golden era together.


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