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尖端桌遊 Sharp Point Publishing Board Game

尖端出版於1980年成立,至今已邁入第37年,主要商品線包括集換式卡片遊戲(Trading Card Game)、漫畫、小說、書籍、流行雜誌,累積至今所出版的品項已達數千項,目前每月發行50多項書籍出版品,著名的出版品包括:《暮光之城》、《魔獸世界》、《STAR WARS》,與日本知名的漫畫如:《灌籃高手SLAMDUNK》、《神之雫》、《島耕作系列》等。 尖端出版亦自1996年取得《魔法風雲會》集換式卡片遊戲之台灣代理權,在台灣第一個帶起集換式卡片遊戲的風潮。 尖端出版更於2000年開始代理日本萬代公司出品的《鋼彈大戰》(Gundam War)集換式卡片遊戲,一推出即造成轟動,從此奠定了鋼彈卡在台灣卡片遊戲市場中舉足輕重的地位。尖端持續20年推行舉辦遊戲比賽等等的行銷活動,並掌握銷售通路,有豐富的經驗。 尖端出版桌上遊戲事業部(SPP Board Game),在2016年度開發台灣原創桌上遊戲,目前已有十一款商品在亞洲上市。同時尖端也計劃代理歐洲、美洲、日本等地盛行的桌上遊戲,包括:家庭遊戲、策略遊戲,目的是將各式各樣的桌上遊戲推廣至廣大的華人市場。

Subordinate to Cite Media Holding Group, which is the biggest publishing group in Taiwan, Sharp Point Publishing is a brand specialized in teen publication such as leisure, entertainment, culture, fashion, game information, etc., and has extended the operating area to Chinese regions like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, and Singapore. Entering its 36th year since 1980, Sharp Point Publishing holds main product lines of Trading Card Game, comics, novels, books and fashion magazines. It has over thousands of accumulative publication and now over 50 publications per month, including famous publications like Twilight(novel series), World of Warcraft(novel), Star Wars(novel); and famous Japanese comics like Slam Dunk(comics), Drops of God(comics), Kosaku Shima series(comics), etc. Since 1996, Sharp Point Publishing also gets the dealership of trading card game Magic: The Gathering(game designer Richard Channing Garfield, publisher Wizards of the Coast at the time)in Taiwan and pioneers in trading card game trend. In addition, Sharp Point Publishing gets the dealership of Bandai’s Gundam War trading card game since 2000. This release causes a sensation and the Gundam cards play a decisive role in Taiwan’s trading card game market. So far Sharp Point Publishing continues to get the dealership of Bandai’s trading card game Gundam Cross War and Crusade which remain the best sellers in Taiwan. Holding marketing events such as game competition for 20 years, Sharp Point Publishing knows well of the marketing channels and has extensive experience. Except running trading card game products, in 2016 SPP Board Game develops Taiwan’s original board game and will release 2 of them in Asia in May. At the same time Sharp Point Publishing is planning to get the dealership of popular board games, such as family game and strategy game, from Europe, America, Japan and other places. The goal is to spread all sorts of board game to the vast Chinese-speaking market.


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