TiBE 台北國際書展 2/12-2/17, 2019

中央研究院 Academia Sinica


Academia Sinica, the most preeminent academic institution in the Republic of China, was founded in 1928 to promote scholarly research and to undertake academic research in sciences and humanities. Towards fulfilling these goals, Academia Sinica has adopted various measures to promote internal integration of research activities in mathematics and physical sciences, life sciences, and humanities and social sciences; to help with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of long-term projects in order to enhance the impact of the research activities; to harness basic research results for applications and technology transfer; to engage the academic and research community within Taiwan toward a modern and forward-looking collective academic vision; to cultivate an intellectual environment that is conducive to the nurturing of young scholars and the recognition of outstanding scholarship in Taiwan; and to promote international cooperation and scholarly exchanges that will accelerate the overall development of academic research in Academia Sinica and the Republic of China.


地址:台北市南港區研究院路2段128號 128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd, Taipei City, 11529, TAIWAN



2018-02-07 10:30 - 11:30