TiBE 台北國際書展 2/12-2/17, 2019

小小創意有限公司 Small Small Idea Co., Ltd

「因為對書的愛情,我們存在。」 小小創意有限公司始於獨立書店「小小書房」,「小小書房」於2006年成立於新北市永和區,以分享和累積為核心價值,專營當代文學、人文社哲科、藝術類書籍,並且定期舉辦寫作課程、畫畫創意課程、世界文學、華文文學、人文╱社會科學、哲學等讀書會,也不定期舉辦各式藝文、社會議題座談、紀錄片播映、書友會等分享活動。 2009年,成立「小小生活推廣協會」,致力於社區藝文活動的推廣,相繼發行《永和社區誌:小小生活》與《文學誌:小小寫字》兩份刊物。 為協助更多優秀的創作者,提供精彩作品一個發聲的管道,於2011年正式成立「小寫出版」並成立編輯團隊,由小小書房店主虹風(沙貓)擔任總編輯,期以為這些優秀的作品,與持續堅持理想的人,盡一份小小的心力,並於2014年發行關於書與閱讀的雙月刊雜誌《本本/a book》閱讀誌。現已出版包括小說、散文、詩、地方誌,以及閱讀雜誌等近二十本出品。

Small Small Idea Co., Ltd originated from the independent bookstore Small Small Bookshop established in 2006 in Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City. Small Small Bookshop embraces knowledge sharing and accumulation as its core values, specializing in contemporary literature and books including humanities, social sciences, philosophy, and art. Small Small Bookshop organizes periodically courses on creative writing and creative drawing, as well as books clubs dedicated to world literature, Sinophone literature, humanities/social sciences and philosophy. It also sets up activities such as talks on cultural and social issues, documentaries screening and book launch events. Small Small Life Promoting Association was founded in 2009 to promote art and cultural events in local communities, and has since published two magazines SmallLife in Yonghe and Small Writings. To encourage more artistic and literary creations, Small Small Bookshop went further and found Initial Publish, which has produced about 20 publications so far, including novels, essay books, poetry, graphic fictions, chorographies, and magazine issues on reading. In 2014, it published a bimonthly magazine called “本本/ a book” covering topics on books and reading.


地址:新北市永和區文化路192巷4弄2之1號 No.2-1, Aly. 4, Ln.192, Wenhua Rd., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 234, Taiwan