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大千出版社 Darchen Publisher

大千出版社成立的宗旨,在於推廣佛教文化,而大千出版社之所以對佛教情有獨鍾,以佛教做為出版事業的歸宿,緣於大千出版社創辦人、社長梁崇明先生生命中的一段心路歷程。 梁崇明先生於青年時期,即事業有成,曾於中日技術合作公司,擔任創意總指導之職。當時梁先生工作繁重,幾乎是長期的空中飛人,生活只能用「忙」與「盲」來形容。然而就在這段事業最得意的時候,梁崇明先生最敬重的客戶,竟於一夕之間撒手人寰,最敬愛的工作夥伴,也忽然遭遇不測,公司重要的合作對象,也一個接一個被出走的業務員攘為己有。總總突如其來的事件,不僅讓他無法適從,更無法釋懷。痛定思痛之餘,他毅然下定決心,立誓要替充滿困惑的人生,追索出合理的答案。 印行佛經,在現代社會,對於推廣佛教思想文化而言,成效其實十分有限,因其無法滿足新時代讀者和信眾的需求。現代社會的生活工作步調急促,讀者與信眾需要的是層次分明、條理分明的佛學讀物,藉以有效率的認識佛法。有鑒於此,成立專業的出版社,以出版因應現代社會需求的佛教讀物,就是勢在必行的工作,於是梁崇明先生決定,以大通印經社為基礎,成立「大千出版社」。

This publisher is dedicated to the expansion of Buddhist culture and taking Buddhist education worldwide as its destiny, due to a very unique attachment to Buddhism by its founder and current Managing Director Liang Chong-ming. Mr. Liang enjoyed early career successes when young, held the position of Creativity Director in a joint Sino-Japanese technical company. Loaded with heavy duties and almost traveling constantly, his life turned from “busy” into “out of control.” At the peak of his career, Mr. Liang’s most respected client died overnight, his most beloved working partner deceased suddenly, and, one by one, all important business partners of the company were stolen by former agents of the company. Pressed by these tragedies and treacheries, he felt disoriented and bitter. He was resolute, after cleared up his minds and gathered himself up, to uncover a reasonable explanation for this perplexed life. After repeated explorations, Mr. Lian was convinced that Buddhism has answers for all philosophical and religious question, be it ancient, modern, oriental or non-oriental. Jumping with joy, he was exuberantly absorbed by this new-found truth. Indeed, he was so involved in studying and practicing it that he once isolated himself in meditation for three and half years. At this time, just as the collective expulsion of Buddhism from the mainstream society during the Song Dynasty in China, a collective rejection of his practicing it took place in Mr. Liang own family. Partly as an attempt to explain why he seemed almost blindly devoted to his religious pursuit, and partly to better prepare himself in the endeavor, Mr. Liang founded the Datung Canon Publishing House to publish sutras. The initial overheads of the publishing house was donated by exactly the same family members and close friends who were against his religious zealousness. This movement gradually attracted supporters from related organization and eventually gained nationwide backing. Publishing sutras, especially in a modern society, actually offers only limited effects in expanding Buddhist culture, largely because these books cannot satisfy new demands made by general readers and Buddhists. People in modern societies live a fast-paced life, they need to be introduced to Buddhism efficiently via well-organized and readable readers. It becomes essential, accordingly, that a professional publisher should be established to meet this end, which was exactly how and why Mr. Liang created the Darchen Publisher on the basis of Datung Canon Publishing House.


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