TiBE 台北國際書展 5/7-5/12, 2020

Highlights of International Area at 2020TIBE

18 January 2020 / 2020TIBE

European Union A906

How many EU official languages are there? Who are the winners for 2019 European Union Prize for Literature? Come find out at the EU pavilion! We will introduce 14 outstanding and emerging literary talents from across Europe, and showcase literary publications from 9 EU Member States: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. Come and get a taste of the diverse cultures Europe has to offer!

European Union


Germany A826  

Emma Braslavsky

Emma Braslavsky was born in a year when on one side of the German-German border another two million mines were put into position while on the other side soldiers with shoulder-length hair were handed hairnets. She grew up in a society in which the word “commandments” was evacuated and substituted by the term “objective necessity” so that a human being could continue with performing voluntary compulsions. These many contradictory stimuli fed the codes that ultimately allowed her to see the paradox as the wellspring of the human story, indeed of universal existence.


Britta Jürgs

Born in Frankfurt am Main in 1965, Britta Jürgs studied German, romance languages and art history in Frankfurt, Paris and Berlin. She has lived in Berlin since 1988, where she founded the publisher AvivA Verlag in 1997. She received the 2011 “BücherFrau des Jahres” award from the organisation Women in Publishing, and has chaired the Kurt Wolff Stiftung since 2015.


Jan Mohnhaupt

Jan Mohnhaupt, born in 1983 in the Ruhr area, works as a freelance journalist and non-fiction author. In 2017, Carl Hanser Verlag published his book The Zoo of the Others, which has been translated into several languages. In March 2020 Hanser will release his latest book Animals in National Socialism.


Ronen Steinke

He born in 1983 in Erlangen, works as a political writer with Germany’s leading broadsheet newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung. He studied law and criminology and worked for law offices as well as a juvenile prison, before going on to work with the Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. His doctoral thesis about the development of war crime tribunals from Nuremberg to The Hague was hailed as a “masterpiece” by the renowned daily FAZ.Dr. Ronen Steinke wrote the biography of Fritz Bauer, the German-Jewish prosecutor who brought the Auschwitz camp guards to trial in Germany in the 1960s.


France A922

Alain Lancelot

Alain Lancelot is an author, lecturer, coach, and sophrologist specialized in stress management. After working as a journalist and TV host for more than 20 years, he chose to refocus his career around the issues of well-being, accompanying artists and authoring numerous articles as well as seven books on the subject. A. Lancelot is now living in Taiwan.


Elsa Mroziewicz

Elsa is an artist specialized in hand-made illustration and based in Strasbourg, France. Her creative universe is filled with passion for poetry, circus, theater, and music, inspired by her trips to countries like Mexico, Yemen, India, or Indonesia. She conjures up utopian and poetic worlds playing with the boundaries between reality and fiction.


Emmanuel Lepage

Emmanuel Lepage was born in 1966 in Saint-Brieuc. In 1983, the newspaper Ouest-France started featuring some of Lepage's illustrations. With his elegant drawing style and remarkable gift as a colorist, he got the recognition he deserved when he joined the prestigious "Aire Libre" collection at Dupuis in collaboration with the writer Anne Sibran.



Czech literature has been well known to the Taiwanese reader through the numerous translations of the iconic works of Havel, Kundera, Kafka, Hašek or Hrabal. The Czech TIBE exposition within the EU pavilion reminds of the major titles already translated into traditional characters and introduces the newest production of graphically outstanding children books, art books and comics. It is furnished with catalogues and information booklets to provide service to all possible interested Taiwanese partners and publishing houses.

The Czech literature will be proudly presented by one of the most famous and renowned writers of the current literary scene Radka Denemarkova, whose newest novel Hours of Lead was inspired by her stay in China. Ms. Denemarkova will meet the Taiwanese audience during the Sunday program of the International Bar.




The Croatian stand is presented by the Association of Children’s Books of Croatia and publishing house Kasmir Promet. Kasmir Promet is a small, highly individual award-winning children’s book publishing company. Their picture books have received numerous national and international awards. The illustrator, Andrea Petrlik Huseinović is the Croatian candidate for Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018. Original illustrations from the picture books are part of International Collection of Chihiro Art Museum in Japan. In 2008, UNESCO used an illustration from one of our picture books for a poster celebrating World Book and Author’s Rights Day.




A special selection of Children’s Greek books is presented in the Greek section of the EU pavilion, organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. Children’s Illustrated books, Graphic novels, Greek illustrators catalogues, Greek books in translation catalogues etc offer the opportunity for discovering an image of the world of Greek culture.

More about Greek books at the Thessaloniki Book Fair web page: thessalonikibookfair.gr

Publishers interested in establishing contact with Greek publishers may consult the electronic catalogue of Greek publishers: www.greekbookpublishing.org hosted by the new web page of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture: hfc-worldwide.org


In collaboration with the Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office the 2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition will host “Spotlight on Italy”.

The section will commemorate the 100th anniversaries of the births of two Italian greats: Italy's most important twentieth-century children's author Gianni Rodari and cinema legend Federico Fellini.

A digital photo exhibition titled “Food in Federico Fellinis’s drawings” will highlight Fellini’s visionary talent.

You may also find out more about global bestselling author Elena Ferrante and other recent Italian literary trends at the Italian space set up within the European Union booth. 


A selection of 15 beautifully illustrated books from Portugal. Among them are winners and shortlisted entries of Portuguese National Illustration Prize, Amadora BD Portuguese Comics Awards, Portuguese Authors Society Prize, Bologna Illustration Exhibition, and Best Book Design from all over the world. Portuguese writers and illustrators hereby share their stories of love, joy, hope, modern life, friendship and adventure.




The Spanish Chamber of Commerce will present a selection of Spanish books in the Spanish Section of the European Pavilion, which showcase all kinds of books about Spanish Learning, Literature ,Tourism, Culinary and Children’s books ect…A seminar “ All about Spanish Comics” will be held on Feb. 8, 14:30-15:30 by the Spanish teacher Luis Preigo Casanova. To understand better the Spanish Culture, don’t miss the Spanish Section in the EU Pavilion.



Slovakia A1013

Slovakia, a country positioned in the heart of Europe, rich in history, unique culture and with dynamic present, reaches out to the Taiwanese public through the realm of poetry. Slovak Economic and Cultural Office, Taipei together with the Centre for Information on Literature (LIC) introduce translated works of several generations of Slovak poets. Slovak poetry draws upon abundant folk traditions, natural world, legends and religion, provide philosophical reflection on the social and cultural transformation of the nation and explore the state of modern society. Visitors to the Slovak booth can also find two books translated into Chinese from Slovakia. One is a picture book about bears and another one is a storybook for teenagers. Taiwanese children’s books translated into Slovak are presented in the booth as well.



Poland A1022

Witold Szabłowski (born in 1980) - Polish journalist and reporter, winner of the European Parliament Journalism Award. In 2014, he published the book “Dancing Bears” (Agora), which is a collection of reports about the Central European road to freedom.  “Dancing bears “was selected as one of the best books of 2018 by the largest American radio, NPR, and in 2019 they were nominated for The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards as the only non-English book. Witold is invited to attend the fair and deliver speeches by Polish Office in Taipei!


Lengua Espanola Pavilion A814

Argentina will exhibit not only the original Spanish version books from all over the country, but also Argentine literature translated into traditional Chinese. The literary creativity that flows through Chile will be showcased in this year’s TIBE, highlighting internationally recognized children’s books, novels, poetry, and essays. The Mexican Trade Services, Documentation and Cultural Office brings a selection of Mexican publications on tourism, food, history and culture to this year’s TIBE. In cooperation with the Commercial office of Peru in Taipei, AnythingHandcrafted studio will be exhibiting the art of miniature and clay crafts that serve utilitarian purposes. 


Japan A708

As always, there will be over 50 publishing professionals attending this year’s Taipei International Book Exhibition at the Japan Pavilion. Furthermore, Japan has organized a “Japanese Magazine Theme Exhibition” that will showcase up to 100 different popular Japan magazines.


Hong Kong A414

Hong Kong Pavilion has arranged a “Illustrators Special Exhibition” which showcases manuscripts from 9 different Hong Kong illustrators. Additionally, 2 of the illustrators will be present in the TIBE to interact with Taiwanese readers throughout the fair!



Rap Chan created Dustykid to share heart-warming stories that touch on philosophies of life, intending to heal hurting souls. Dustykid is a cute little speck of dust, always wearing a huge smile to go with his charming round eyes. He has probably been to your place, laughing with you, crying with you, hearing our tales.



A professional illustrator, whose works are full of love, dreams and positive energy. He has participated in the illustration creation for many books, including life fighter Nick Vujicic’s “Give Me a Hug “and “Dream Big”.



Thailand A510

There are the total of 17 Thai publishers exhibiting within the booth, bringing books in various categories: children’s books, educational comics, graphic novels, romances, thrillers, arts and culture, self-improvement and business. Moreover, the International Children’s Content Rights Fair (ICCRF) is joining us as one of the exhibitor